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Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy - Bamboo Strategic Advisors

  • Product/ Service Viability Assessment
  • Market Entry Analysis/ Competitive Landscape
  • Scalability - Product Extension/ Geographic Expansion
  • Revenue Model Assessment
  • Strategic Roadmap

Consumer & Market Insights

Consumer & Market Insights - Bamboo Strategic Advisors

  • Focus Groups
  • Brand Assessment
  • Consumer Segmentation and Profiling
  • Understand Customer Experience (UX)


Analytics - Bamboo Strategic Advisors

  • Market Sizing/ Market Share % of Industry
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Innovation Forecasting
  • Management Scorecards for Each Business Unit
  • Distribution Strategy

Financial Projections

Financial Projections - Bamboo Strategic Advisors

  •  Understand Historic Revenues/ Costs
  • Identify key assumptions driving revenue models
  • Build a dynamic financial model with 24 months of projections
  • Create a monthly company financial "scorecard" with key KPIs/ metrics
  • Exit strategy analysis

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